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the work we do

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Our Story

Beginning in 2016 as WPN Power and rebranded in 2022, Red Light District by TW!O (RLD) continues the mission, vision and programming originally set forth by WPN Power. RLD is parented and fiscally sponsored by Totally Wow! Org (TW!O) a 501c3 sexual violence prevention consulting organization

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Who We Advocate For

We advocate for sex workers/erotic labors (current or former) who live and/or work in the Metro Atlanta area. We are not gatekeepers of the term sex work. We recognize that the term sex work{er} is a political term. If you identify as a sex worker our advocacy efforts and services are for you.


Our Programs

We offer advocacy and direct service  programming that supports individuals living in the Metro Atlanta area and consensually engaging in sex work/erotic labor. This includes organizing community awareness events, advocating visibility, and creating safe spaces for solidarity, mobilizing, and networking, 


Principles: Community | Visibility | Safety

Statement: To provide solidarity and support programming for individuals in the Metro Atlanta area consensually choosing sex work/erotic labor. To advocate for sex workers' rights. 

Core Values:

  • Accept sex work as work.

  • Support decriminalization and oppose criminalization of all forms of sex work.

  • Support the eradication of physical and psychological violence against sex workers.

  • Recognize self-determination and dignity of those consensually choosing sex work.

  • Work to advance sex workers' rights.


get involved

Red Light District is always looking for committed people who’d like to assist during event planning, fundraising, and tabling and other general support. Complete the form linked below and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

Complete the form if you are interested in becoming one of our Community Partners. RED Couch partners agree to provide emergency/transitional housing. Social service partners are added to our resource listing and offer care assistance.

Red Light District is dedicated to providing solidarity and support to Atlanta's sex worker community. Donations go toward program maintenance, purchasing safety supplies, planning community events and aiding program participants.

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